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Joseph Porter, LMFT, LPC, NCC

Reasons for Therapy

Everyone needs help now and then and people seek out therapy for many different reasons. You may be feeling lost or stuck and ready to breakthrough to a more authentic life. Or, you may be feeling overwhelmed, experiencing pain, and emotional discomfort and you are searching for relief. It may be difficult to identify the exact source of what is no longer working. Suffering may feel like an arid, empty desert or raging water that floods every exhausted cell of your body. Perhaps you and your partner have grown distant and disconnected, repeatedly in conflict, or confused about how to heal a relationship injury. 

Therapy can help identify and work through hidden patterns. Despite knowing that change is desired, it might be difficult to create new behaviors or experiences. Recurring unpleasant cycles may lead to continued feelings of disappointment and failure - leaving one unsatisfied, frustrated and hopeless.  

Human beings are designed for connection and talking to someone in a safe environment can help. We begin by understanding your story and how you arrived at this moment; we will work closely together to identify what is important to you and make meaningful changes in your life. 

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