Joseph Porter, LMFT, LPC, NCC

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor located in south Austin, Texas. I am dedicated to working with couples and adult individuals who seek understanding of their personal and relationship concerns. Choosing to seek help is often necessary for a significant and lasting change. If you are eager to improve your life and relationship, please contact me via email or phone to set up an initial consultation.



How I Can HelP

Individual Therapy

Are you stuck in an uncomfortable situation and feel hopeless about what to do next? Many of my clients find they are tired of giving up parts of themselves in order to survive or fit in. It can be difficult keeping up with the demands of career, family and friends. It is common to feel misunderstood, lonely, isolated or alienated. Experiences like these can cause feelings of anxiety and depression that may be difficult to overcome on your own. When my clients begin to express what they believe in and value, they begin to find relief and a feeling of connectedness to life. Together we can figure out what you truly want for yourself and discover how to make meaning for your life.

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Are you overwhelmed and find yourself questioning how to reconnect with your partner? When feelings of anxiety and disconnection exist in a relationship, it is common to experience unpleasant or hurtful responses when communicating with our partner. Often, couples that I work with share that they are confused and find it difficult to understand each other and make sense of their relationship. When my clients begin expressing their emotions together, they become more willing to be open and responsive to each other. As they work to become more emotionally present, they begin to find a lessening of hurtful and unpleasant responses. Together we move away from isolation and create a renewed experience of connection and a sensitive, caring bond that creates security and comfort.